Welcome To Bear River

Town Hall Hours:

Monday - Friday

8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Phone # 307-789-2800

Fax # 307-789-2802

81 Elk Drive, Bear River WY 82930

Email - bearriver@nglconnection.net

For after hour Emergency's

please call 307-799-5858


-Please keep garbage cans off the street make sure to place them out of the traveled way within your driveway so the snow plows can clean the streets.  Click Here For Example.

- Sign Up For Code Red alerts to be alerted of emergency happenings in the town.  Click Here To Sign Up. 

- Friendly Reminder Water Meter Pits shall not be accessed by residents.  If you need assistance please call Town Hall. Thank You

- WATCH SPEED the speed limit is only 20 MPH throughout the whole town, thank you.

-Friendly Reminder Business Licenses are due for any business that operates in the Town of Bear River, Licenses are $10.00

-For any type of construction from fences to buildings please contact town hall before beginning the project.

Upcoming Events

July 6th - Thursday - North Uinta County Water And Sewer District Meeting @ 5:00 PM

July 6th - Thursday - BRRJPB Meeting @ 5:30 PM

July 11th - Tuesday - Town Council Meeting Workshop @ 5:30 PM Meeting @ 6:00 PM

Zoom In To Town Meeting - Meeting ID  - 8845845139

Meeting Passcode - fFrQ22 Or Click Here To Enter

Mayor's Corner